8 thoughts on “IEA declines the Guardian’s invitation to delete books”

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    Perfectly put.

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    Andy. The Guardian has long ceased to be a serious, balanced investigative newspaper. Perhaps you afford them too much credit. The weight of output from this outlet is presented as political activism rather than balanced journalism. It is well known that they have faced financial challenges over the years, so I imagine they are deeply engaged in developing a ‘revenue via click-bait’ business model. This may or may not be successful – many online publications have adopted this approach, but not all have been financial successful.

    Keep up the good work. I am particularly looking forward to seeing how your new senior hire (Syed Kamall) impacts your organisation’s output. He is able to present compelling arguments for free market capitalism in a way that engages the audience.

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    Could you please publish The Guardian’s letter?

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    Very well stated. There a two researchers in Ireland (father and son) who have an empirical study based upon millions of pieces of data on atmospheric temperatures that are struggling to get their results out into the public sphere due not being given a platform as the results do not follow the accepted ‘message’. Maybe you should find out who they are and check and publish their work if it meets your standards.

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    Pdh, I’ve heard of them but forgot what they are called. Can you link to their findings? Ta.

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    Mark W, I think he may be referring to this family in Ireland: https://globalwarmingsolved.com/about-us/

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    Thank you, Mr Mayer, for your cogent and calm piece. Would that the Grauniad were as much, but that would be a forlorn hope in these intersectional/identitarian days.

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    Thank you, an excellent piece. Unfortunately, the Guardian’s sinister attack on freedom of thought and expression is not confined just to that ‘newspaper’, nor to the subject of climate change.

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