2 thoughts on “The Thunberg phenomenon, Extinction Rebellion, and the denial of trade-offs”

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    Excellent piece Philip. Three billion people in the world still cook their food and heat their homes via open or barely contained fires. Health problems from smoke inhalation are a significant cause of death in the developing world. Stifling economic development in these countries has fatal consequences, but the acolytes of Greta Thunberg don’t even try to address these trade-offs.

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    There is no economic data to support your statements that our transition from fossil fuels will translate to a lower lifestyle for English people. As Greta Thunberg says How Dare You make these assertions? The impact of the climate on our economy on a business as usual economic progression will have a much worse impact on our economy than making the investment in our transition. There is plenty of money out there to invest in carbon reducing technologies. I suggest you start researching these.

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