1 thought on “Does ”socialism” HAVE TO mean public ownership of the means of production?”

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    I am concerened about the move towards ‘smart’ systems as a result of ‘the internet of things’. The idea is that they will be more efficient. But efficient systems aren’t resilient,there is no ‘slack’, no redundancy. A simple example is the ‘smart’ motorway. No need to build an extra lane as we can safely use the emergency lane because of close supervision and signalling. But what happens when traffic expands to ‘four lanes worth’ and there is an emergency?
    One advocate of ‘smart’ systems said at a public event that passengers could be ‘told’ to speed up or slow down to avoid congestion on railway platforms. ‘Smart’ is the new Soviet-style planned economy, but this time with lots of data and computing power they think they can get it right. Communism Mk II.
    What do ‘smart’ meters do for the customer? Nothing. But they allow those in control to selectively turn down demand, i.e. cut you off. We can bet there will be priority lists of those who won’t be turned off.
    What about the ‘cashless society’. Displease Google or Facebook and your ‘cash’ could be turned off, (think of those that use their mobile phones as a cash card).

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