5 thoughts on “Why there should be no such thing as “public service broadcasting””

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    … there should be no state broadcaster or involvement in broadcasting any more than there should be a state book publisher.

    So you don’t like HMSO either?

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    I agree, the technology is available and this would easily allow channels or individual programmes to be encrypted.

    There is no justification for the BBC’s current funding model. It is, as you say, a tax.

    However, it is a tax that you can opt out of, albeit that it is a slightly tedious process (made deliberately so, I suspect) . All you have to do is state that you do not watch / receive BBC content. Here are a few links:



    The first is an interesting blog. The second is the official site for “de-registering”………remember to wait for confirmation, then cancel your direct debit, and then save that money every month!



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    we do not need a national broadcasting policy as such
    I think Philip has called this wrong. Yes, I’m all for decoupling the State from appointments to the Trust that governs the BBC, and I think Philip would agree with that. But he goes further, and asserts that his opinion should prevail over that of others who don’t share it, and hasn’t given a supporting case to trample on their preferences. Imv, Philip has lost sight of one of the rallying cries of calls for freedom everywhere since 1776, that there should be accountability, that the people who pay the taxation should have some representation.
    The people who decide where the BBC goes next should not be the government, and not the comment writers for the IEA either but the licence payers who have their pockets lifted under threat of court.

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    The status quo is a kind of utopia for BBC apparatchiks, since it leaves them free to define and redefine their remit, as required to fend off any particular criticism of their content. Moreover, their imperialism means they can use their vast resources to extend into any new area or new medium they choose: hence, iPlayer, BBC Sounds etc etc., in the meantime choking the life out of the unsubsidised competition. Advertising? Yes, it’s very annoying – the BBC does so much of it, trumpeting its own supposed virtues at every possible opportunity. Its self-regard is unlimited. Its management is an unaccountable, self-perpetuating oligarchy, and it’s high time it was reined in.
    As far as BBC funding is concerned, I never cease to be amazed at how ready people are to swallow a Poll Tax provided it’s labelled a Licence Fee. Margaret Thatcher missed a trick there!

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    Well if your in favour of living in a right wing dont ask any questions of government sort of world yes scrap public broadcasting.

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