1 thought on “Is happiness all that matters?”

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    Perhaps”contentment” would be a better word to use than “happiness”? I think you’d get fewer people prefering achieving the goal, to contentment. I often think about this. Often, people have no choice but to put other things, often involving needing more money, ahead of contentment. You can find out, to a certain extent, how much money you would need for contentment, were things a little different. I’m fairly well off, but recently, due to economic and population growth and high population density, I can’t be sure of getting a seat on my morning train, which causes me stress and discomfort. For getting rid of that, I’d accept a £30 drop in monthly income, maybe more. For walking out of the house and not caring about strong locks and open windows, maybe £10. For getting decent neighbours another £10. For other people, it would be traffic jams – maybe £50, peace and quiet for a good night’s sleep, maybe £50 or more.

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