The Financial Times has written up the Treasury Select Committee's call for evidence this week, in which IEA Senior Academic Fellow Professor Philip Booth appeared. The newspaper writes: "Philip Booth, senior academic fellow at Institute of Economic Affairs, told the inquiry that the pensions tax-free lump sum could be made less generous to help repair ... Continue reading
In a recent letter, Pope Francis suggested that we consider the provision of a “universal basic wage”. Published on Easter Sunday 2020 and issued to “Brothers and Sisters of Popular Movements and Organizations”, the letter said: “Street vendors, recyclers, carnies, small farmers, construction workers, dressmakers, the different kinds of caregivers: you who are informal, working ... Continue reading
Professor Len Shackleton, Editorial and Research Fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs, has told iNews that, "given the hit that young people are taking from the lockdown, I don’t think asking pensioners to share the pain is outrageous. He added: "Things have moved on – pensioner poverty is no longer the problem it used ... Continue reading

Dr Stephen Davies quoted in The Times

In an article for The Times, columnist Philip Aldrick quoted IEA briefing paper 'Covid-19: Redefining the state of welfare' by Head of Education Dr Stephen Davies, in which he argues that coronavirus has united left and right on universal basic income. The column quoted from Steve on the subject: "Free marketeers had forgotten the 'long tradition ... Continue reading
State welfare systems do not change in a fundamental way very often. When they do, it is often in the aftermath of a major crisis, such as a war or natural disaster. Wars and natural disasters shake up the status quo and create political space in which ideas and policies that would not get traction ... Continue reading

IEA report covered by The Times

The coronavirus crisis will “bring to a head discontent with the existing system that has been growing for some time and will bring certain ideas for reform from academia and think tanks to the centre of the policy debate”, says new IEA report, covered by The Times newspaper. Read the full piece here. "C-19: Redefining ... Continue reading

Dr Stephen Davies writes for CapX

We will soon be having a national conversation about welfare reform in which UBI will be central. UBI does away with bureaucracy and supports individual autonomy. But objections to it are about far more than just economics, writes Dr Stephen Davies, IEA Head of Education and author of our new briefing paper, Redefining the State ... Continue reading
Coronavirus will bring to a head discontent with the welfare system and strengthen support for a Universal Basic Income, says Dr Stephen Davies in a new briefing paper Major crises have often triggered radical reconstruction of the welfare system; It is very likely that the Covid-19 pandemic will amplify discontent that has been growing for ... Continue reading

Christopher Snowdon appears on the Sky News Daily podcast

The IEA's Head of Lifestyle Economics appeared on the Sky News Daily podcast: 'Was Covid-19 pandemic declaration too slow?' Chris discussed with presenter Dermot Murnaghan the latest funding announcements for charities and the prospect of a relaxation to the lockdown rules. Listen back here. Chris is on from 15 minutes in.... Continue reading