3 thoughts on “When it comes to e-cigs, harm reduction must be the order of the day”

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    Just one mportant detail. Nicotine is not highly addictive. until very recently all studies on nicotine addiction were done in onjunction with cicarette smoking. To cut a very long story short, here is my personal tale… mention / links to latest thinking on addiction come at te end


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    My keyboard apologises.

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    This finally hits the point of vaping for many of us, we still have the social side that we had smoking, it is 20 times less harmful or maybe even more and it also deals with other things like the habitual side of smoking by altering it to suit vaping.
    I have been vaping for a while now (over 3 years) and quit smoking 3 years ago, I quit nicotine about 9 months later, now I vape using food flavourings with temperature control (TC) and seldom exceed cooking temperatures. I use my own SS316L coils and organic cotton wick, I believe this type of vaping is even safer than the tested methods as I use even less of the harmful products that can be in e-liquids, basically my liquid is vaporised food and as safe as food.
    I think the tobacco and Pharmaceutical industries are losing money and the Governments are losing revenue, but I cost less in healthcare for the Government surely Vaping is a winner for me and the Government long term, why is their be so little official support for it?

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