8 thoughts on “‘Voluntary’ worker certification is occupational licensing by stealth”

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    Citb Cscs is a money making scheme on the back of tradesmen. We are being charged to go to work. Health and Safety training should be free and introduced whilst tradesman apprentices are at college. A double glazing salesman who pays for a SMTS card qualification £750.00 is now classed as a Site Manager . Agency’s now Fastrack this guy into Construction roles! Totally unqualified ie CARILLION.

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    I am shocked that the IEA and such a learned professor as Len Shackleton would put out such a poorly researched blog as this – did either of the authors even look at the websites of the organisations?
    I’m a bricklayer / site manager and worked in construction for over 20 years, and don’t get me wrong I think CSCS is a money making scam however to say you only need an NVQ is wrong – I got mine by being a member of CIOB. I notice that they now recognise other bodies such as institute of carpenters. My lads got theirs as they were timed served all they did was the health and safety test that my 7 year old could pass.
    The levy practice described is illegal and when I reported the umbrella company to the CITB they got right on to it.
    Where is the academic rigour on this blog – you’re better than this. If we are to reform these scams we must be clear on the facts.

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    In Response to Noah Bennetts comment.
    The blog stated clearly that a minimum of NVQ 2 is now required for the blue cscs card.
    The CSCS web site CLEARLY states that a tradesperson must now have a minimum of NVQ2 in their trade. Other cards are available for instance the Gold card that requires a higher qualification. You mentioned the institute of carpenters, they require NVQ3 for members.
    As far as your comnents about the CITB levy are concerned. The FACTS on this blog are also correct.
    The maximum CITB will give in grants to an employer for an employees NVQ is £400.
    Given that an NVQ 2 can cost upto £1,500 it is of no suprise that umbrella payroll companies have no incentive to claim CITB grants.
    Further for your information.
    I personally received an email from CITB in late 2017.
    In 2016 a total of 197 CIS registered umbrella payroll companies paid almost £12 million in CITB levies. The umbrella companies claimed back in CITB grants nearly £700,000 and of this figure only £160,000 was for NVQs for workers. The email did not state what level of NVQ this was for. However an NVQ1 can be bought for under £400.
    I have been a site carpenter for 37 years, I also have a HND in business system analysis. I have spent months researching and gathering data for this blog.
    So please, next time you comment on this blog please check YOUR facts because, I have!

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    Sir, as you asked me to check my facts….the blue card can be applied for with either an NVQ OR an employer apprenticeship. See link;


    You have completely missed my point regarding levy, you reference grants being paid, the deduction of levy by an employer is illegal it was this i was noting, again see link;

    I don’t have a HND in systems analysis and haven’t spent months researching this, but a 1 minute google revealed my facts to be correct. Again, I reiterate I’m not a supporter of these schemes in any way but with out arguments based on facts we will never reform or for that matter get rid of them. I repeat I’m surprise the IEA published such a blog with out the academic rigour it normally applies.

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    Further response to Noah Bennett.
    If a worker has a city & guilds they could apply for the cscs gold card they would not need to apply for a blue card. See requirements.
    City and guilds is concidered by cscs to be a qualification above nvq2.
    The blog is refering to a minimum requirement of NVQ2 for the blue card.
    As far as the CITB levy is concerned. The blog never stated that workers pay the citb levy. The umbrella companies pay this. However umbrella payroll companies charge workers for payment of wages. How do you think umbrella companies pay the citb levy?
    They are not charities.
    Noah you are trying to pick faults with the information on this blog regarding cscs.
    The blog is about occupational licensing by stealth. Not about cscs, cscs is an example.
    Paul Fear

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    Sir, I am not picking faults, merely correcting mis information about a sector I’m aware of. In fact it was you who asked me to check my facts.
    This blog is flawed and it is a missed opportunity to fully out line the pros and cons of occupational licensing and allow a reasoned discussion. I expect a better standard from a blog coauthored by Professor Shackleton.

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    If anyone wants to know the CSCS benchmark MINIMUM requirement for skilled occupations. PLEASE SEE THE CSCS WEBSITE.

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