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After Brexit, What Next?


Labour Market

Should the government care?

This timely book sets out a shrewd and comprehensive policy programme, for both ‘microeconomic’ supply-side settings of tax and regulatory systems, and ‘macroeconomic’ policies for fiscal and monetary policies to regulate demand and support the supply-side growth agenda.

Explaining the numerous benefits of free trade after Britain’s exit from the EU, and challenging the anti-Brexit argument, Patrick Minford builds on his extensive research into economic modelling to quantify the effects of Brexit and propose policies for the aftermath. Laying out an agenda for replacing social interventionist EU regulation with a robust free market framework, Minford proposes a radical tax reform programme to broaden the tax base and flatten marginal rates. This incisive book looks to the future of the UK beyond Brexit, addressing the effects of coronavirus and proposing an avenue of policies for recovery.

Featuring key empirical analysis and insightful arguments, this book will be crucial reading for economists and policymakers investigating and overseeing the future of UK economic policy. It will also benefit scholars of economics and political economy, particularly those interested in tax reform programmes.

‘After Brexit, What Next?’ is jointly published by the Institute of Economic Affairs and Edward Elgar Publishing and is available to purchase here.

Patrick Minford spoke to the IEA about his book, alongside IEA Head of Education Dr Steve Davies, at an event hosted by IEA Academic and Research Director Syed Kamall. The discussion was recorded and published on the IEA YouTube channel.