5 thoughts on “Neoliberalism in Chile – the unpopular success story”

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    Is Dr Kristian Niemietz a fan of Ayn Rand at all?

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    The Myth of the Rational Voter by Bryan Caplan illustrates why bad ideas remain popular.

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    You people and your capitalism vs communism. XD
    It’s about not wanting a society where some live in luxury that escapes the imagination of any regular person, while others are born to barely survive, and most work to exahustion to pay their bills. In a country with horrible public transport, child services, public education, health and pensions systems, housing, etc…, a country with collusion among most big companies, helded by the economic and political elite. 1% of the people owns 26% of the wealth, and they own the goverment, the parlament and the media.
    And then you can add that Chile still lives in an authoritarian state in disguise. Maybe you got a glimpse these days of the obsene violence used against protesters, that were injured, tortured, raped and killed. That’s what happens when people time and time again over the years protest for some justice and equality in Chile. And then a small fixup, but nothing really changes. And rich people keep amassing wealth.
    It’s not about wanting socialism. Even if the right thinks it is, or if the few socialists wish it.
    They are not the movement.
    It’s about being a decent society.

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    All the delusions of orthodox economics in one article backed with all the skewed statistics you’d expect from white male western privilege.

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    What is a “decent society”? No inequality at all, or at a certain level? Who will politicaly decide?

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