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ULEZ expansion benefits will offset costs


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Chris Snowdon writes for the Spectator

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Matthew Lesh quoted by the Telegraph

Daniel Freeman writes for the Evening Standard

IEA Research Assistant Daniel Freeman has written for the Evening Standard on why expanding ULEz makes sound economic sense.

Daniel wrote:

“The extension of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone, which comes into force today, will help save lives.

“But this need not be the case. Milton Friedman, the Noble-prize winning free market economist, argued that taxes are the best way to deal with pollution from cars as they incentivise consumers to reduce emissions without imposing bans and ever more regulation.

“Ultimately, we should be moving towards a full road-pricing system that accounts for the social and environmental costs of driving. Ulez may not be perfect, but it is a step in the right direction towards making the polluter pay.”

You can read the full article here