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Minimum unit pricing fails to prevent alcohol deaths


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Harrison Griffiths writes for the Critic

Energy and Environment

Daniel Freeman writes for the Evening Standard

Chris Snowdon writes for the Spectator

IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon has written for The Spectator on why alcohol minimum pricing schemes fail to create any public health benefit.

Christopher wrote:

“Is there any amount of evidence that could convince the ‘public health’ lobby that one of their bright ideas didn’t work? What would it take for them to admit that they failed? It is now five years since the SNP introduced minimum unit pricing for alcohol.

“There is indeed ‘wide-ranging evidence’ in the form of an official evaluation from Public Health Scotland. Its 40 separate studies provide very little evidence that the minimum unit pricing policy worked.

“But the SNP still won’t admit that the policy has failed and nor will their cheerleaders in ‘public health’. Scotland’s state-funded temperance pressure groups are calling for the price to be increased.

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