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Nanny State Index featured in the Times

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In the Media

Chris Snowdon writes for the Spectator

Harrison Griffiths writes for the Critic

IEA Communications Officer Harrison Griffiths has written for the Critic on why the UK needs to stay vigilant in protecting its free speech laws against government and ideologues.

Harrison wrote:

“Laws intended to prohibit the most unpleasant forms of abuse and hatred have, unsurprisingly, been used as tools to censor political and religious dissent. Those laws, combined with our increasingly intolerant culture and the capture of public (and often private) institutions by identity politics, have turned coercive state power squarely against those who dissent against the elite consensus on cultural issues.

“This vision is one where everyone’s rights are protected equally. It would create a melting pot of experimentation which would tell us how best to deal with certain conflicts created by trans identities. Crucially, it would ensure that minority groups and dissenters were always protected from having views imposed on them from the top down. 

“This stands in stark contrast to the ethos of the progressive LGBTQ+ movement — their goal seems to be total victory and suppression of opposition, not true tolerance and equality.”

You can read the full article here.