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The real ‘news’ today is that the economic recovery accelerated in June


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Mark Littlewood writes for The Times

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Commenting on GDP figures for Q2 2020 published today by the ONS, Julian Jessop, IEA Economics Fellow, said:

“The real ‘news’ today is not that the UK fell into recession in the second quarter. That much we already knew. Instead, it is that the recovery that began in May accelerated in June as the lockdown was eased further.

“The fall in GDP in the second quarter was larger in the UK than in most other countries. This partly reflects the relatively large weight on services in the UK economy which are more vulnerable to social distancing restrictions. It also reflects the fact that many other countries started their lockdown sooner and so took a bigger hit than the UK in the first quarter. It does not reflect any lack of support from fiscal or monetary policy, which has already been ample.

“Looking forward, the key to a strong recovery will be the continued lifting of the lockdown – particularly the reopening of schools – and the return of consumer and business confidence. This requires clear and consistent messaging from government and a focus on allowing markets to work properly again, rather than further state intervention.”

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