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The government’s prioritisation of ‘net zero’ has compromised the energy network


In the Media

Julian Jessop quoted in Bloomberg

In the Media

Andy Mayer quoted in City AM

Andy Mayer, IEA Energy Analyst, has been quoted in City AM discussing the National Grid’s scramble to avoid power outages during the recent heatwave.

Arguing that the government has neglected affordability and security of supply in favour of ‘net zero’ policies, Andy says:

“When there are supply incidents, or when it’s too hot, cold, windy, or not windy enough, these issues combine, exposing us to an increased risk of controls and blackouts, reflected in short-term price spikes, or a ‘tight market’.

The true horror of which is hidden in our network charges, while politicians claim incorrectly that renewables are cheap, by only reviewing the bid price of things not yet built.”

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