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Stopping Channel crossings will be Sunak’s toughest test

Mark Littlewood writes in The Times

IEA Director General Mark Littlewood has written in The Times discussing Rishi Sunak’s pledge to combat small boat crossings in the English Channel.

On Rishi Sunak’s five pledges, Mark wrote:

“Cunningly, he selected four areas in which progress is likely even if his administration does nothing…

“the final area in which he chose to be judged was on immigration, where we might expect a clearer link between actions and outcomes.”

Mark also outlined the free-market case for stopping Channel crossings:

“A reasoned case can be put that the NHS, the education system, welfare state, housing stock and even our transport infrastructure cannot cope with a rapid and relentless growth in the number of people living here. However, these are all areas run or heavily controlled by the state. It’s rare to hear Tesco complain that there are too many customers wanting to buy groceries or cinemas that too many wish to watch movies.”

You can read Mark’s full article here.