Patient satisfaction plummets as NHS struggles


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In the Media

Christopher Snowdon quoted by The Daily Mail

In the Media

Mark Littlewood writes for The Times

Kristian Niemietz quoted by The Daily Mail

IEA Head of Political Economy Kristian Niemietz has been quoted by the Daily Mail covering England’s worst GP practices. 

The Daily Mail wrote:

“Dr Kristian Niemietz, head of political economy at think tank Institute of Economic Affairs, told MailOnline that the low ranking practices is part of a trend of people increasingly use these surveys ‘to express their frustrations with the NHS’.

“He added: ‘For example, according to the latest British Social Attitude Survey, net satisfaction with the NHS has fallen to its lowest level ever recorded. The reverence for the NHS is clashing with the reality of poor performance and heavy rationing.’”

You can read the full article here.