Own goal: Why an independent regulator is bad for football

Professor Len Shackleton writes for CapX

IEA Editorial & Research Fellow Professor Len Shackleton, co-author of the IEA’s research paper ‘Red Card: Why English Football doesn’t need an independent regulator‘, outlined the premise of the paper in an article for CapX.

The Fan-Led Review of Football has called for fans to have a greater say over their clubs, suggesting an independent regulator is needed to enforce a new regulatory structure governing English football.

Although Len agreed the proposals are well-intentioned, implementing these proposals would be a mistake.

Len suggested: “Imposing a regulator to act in the common good is superficially attractive, but the reality of regulatory intervention in the ownership and operation of football clubs seems likely to create more problems than it resolves.”

Read the IEA paper here.

Read the article here.


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