IEA responds to Ofcom ruling on LBC’s James O’Brien

Commenting on Ofcom’s ruling in favour of LBC’s James O’Brien, Andy Mayer, Chief Operating Officer at free market think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs, said:

“That Ofcom has come to this decision, after a protracted process, is deeply disappointing.

“The regulator has allowed James O’Brien to issue falsehoods about the Institute of Economic Affairs – based on nothing more than conspiracy theories – without any attempt at reasonable fact-checking, or upholding the IEA’s right to reply.

“Despite O’Brien’s grudging partial retraction, we consider this ruling inadequate and an ongoing breach of the broadcasting rules under which O’Brien supposedly operates.

“This bizarre ruling will be a boon to conspiracy theorists, and smacks of regulatory incompetence and political bias.

“The IEA retains all its legal rights and will consider next steps.”


Notes to editors

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You can find a longer response from IEA Chief Operating Officer Andy Mayer here.

For those interested in the case, you can find the key documents here: