High childcare costs deter UK parenthood


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Professor Len Shackleton quoted in Yahoo! Sport

In the Media

Len Shackleton quoted in Mahalsa

Kristian Niemietz quoted in The Telegraph

IEA’s Head of Political Economy, Kristian Niemietz, has been quoted in The Telegraph’s piece covering the concerning increase of dual-income no kids couples.

The Telegraph quoted:

“To the extent that this trend is simply driven by a change in personal preference, there is nothing wrong with it. Whether people choose to spend their money on dining out or on childcare services makes no difference from a macroeconomic perspective.

“However, to the extent that it is driven by Britain’s extremely high cost of housing and childcare, it is a problem, because it might not be what people actually want.

“Housing and childcare costs are, to a very large extent, driven by regulatory policy choices, and the fact that Britain is close to the top end on both counts suggests that Britain is making the wrong policy choices in these areas.”

You can read the full article here.