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IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon has appeared on GB News to discuss new data projecting that UK obesity rates may hit 63.9 per cent by 2035.

Appearing on Real Britain, hosted by former IEA Head of Media Emily Carver, Christopher said:

“If I wrote a list of the 100 biggest issues facing the United Kingdom or the world, obesity would not be on it – it’s not that big a deal, it’s a matter for individuals,

“[Nanny statists] make this seem like [obesity] is something that happens to people, rather than something that is a consequence of their actions or indeed, inactions…

“That then leads to the next stage which is ‘well, government’s got to do something about it because the people can’t to anything about it, they’re just stuck in this ‘obesegenic’ environment’…so we need the government, in some way, to move the chocolate bars to a different shelf…or put the price of chocolate bars or fizzy drinks up,

“None of this has been shown to work anywhere, the sugar tax hasn’t been shown to work in this country…where is the evidence that any of this stuff works?”

You can view Christopher’s full appearance here (1:40:44).