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The Left should stand against NIMBYism


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Marc Glendening quoted in the Yorkshire Times

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Christopher Snowdon appears on GB News

Kristian Niemietz featured in Moneyweek

IEA Head of Political Economy Kristian Niemietz has been featured in Moneyweek on why the Left is not stronger in demanding liberalised planning laws.

Originally written for the IEA blog, Kristian argued:

“The Left is the culturally dominant force in Britain. They did not manage to get Mr Corbyn into Number 10, but they are the ones setting the national agenda. They have the power to force their obsessions on the whole country, whether that is the latest woke fad or Doomsday environmentalism. They are the only ones in the country who have the power to ‘cancel’ their opponents, and they could cancel NIMBYism too if they chose to.

“By refusing to step outside of their comfort zone, the socialist Left shares the blame for perpetuating Britain’s housing crisis.”

You can read the full article on page 21 of Moneyweek (03/03/2023).