Digital markets bill empowers unaccountable bureaucrats


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IEA research featured in Tech Monitor

In the Media

Julian Jessop quoted in BBC News

Harrison Griffiths writes in CapX

IEA Communications Officer Harrison Griffiths has written for CapX, arguing that the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill (DMCC) empowers bureaucrats ‘at the expense of accountable, responsible lawmaking’.

Harrison wrote:

“The key principle underlying Brexit is that laws affecting Brits should be made by Parliamentarians accountable to us. This type of delegation flies in the face of that principle.

“The difference between unaccountable bureaucracy in the CMA’s Canary Wharf HQ and unaccountable bureaucracy in Brussels is utterly trivial. Parliament must take responsibility for its role as the UK’s primary law making body, rather than delegating dangerous amounts of power to those who do not have to answer for how they choose to wield it.”

Read Harrison’s full article here.

Harrison’s article referred to Digital Overload, a new paper co-published by the IEA, warning that the DMCC could undermine investment and innovation in the UK’s tech sector. Find out more here.