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Authoritarian hate speech laws undermine free expression


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Andy Mayer writes for CapX

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Christopher Snowdon quoted in The Telegraph, The Times, and LBC

IEA research featured in The Mail, The Express, and GB News

Dictating words: The Culture-Control Left and the war against free speech, a new paper by IEA Head of Cultural Affairs Marc Glendening on the threat posed to free expression by hate speech laws, has been featured in The Daily Mail.

The article read:

“Describing the intolerant woke as the ‘Culture-Control Left’, or CCL, the report said their views now ‘stretch beyond the traditional confines of the left and now heavily influence big business, public sector bureaucracies (including the police) and some Conservative politicians’.

“The report by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) added that hate speech laws are applied by police in a ‘partial and inconsistent way’.

“It said that ‘when someone who is not white makes what seem like racist remarks’ it is regarded as a ‘form of cultural resistance’ rather than as a crime.

“Those seeking to suppress alternative viewpoints in favour of woke views are part of a ‘form of authoritarian politics’, it added.”

Read the full article here.

The paper was also featured in The Daily Express (31/10/2023 edition, page six), The Scottish Daily Mail (31/10/2023 edition, page 26) and GB News.

Read a full copy of Dictating words here.