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Time to find middle ground between ‘net zero’ and ‘not zero’


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Matthew Bowles writes in CapX

Government and Institutions

Julian Jessop featured in The Express

Andy Mayer quoted in City AM

IEA Chief Operating Officer and Energy Analyst Andy Mayer has been quoted in City AM criticising claims that the alternative to massive net zero subsidies is to do nothing about climate change.

Andy said:

“Private investors flock to markets with stable, predictable policies, but that’s not the same thing as taxpayer-backed eco-bribes or what our Net Zero politics have delivered. Just high taxes and endless tinkering. We have created a shopping mall for others to sell us their climate solutions, not an export hub for green growth.

“The alternative path requires our politicians to keep our taxes and regulations stable, low, and competitive, while making it easier to invent, innovate and commercialise new solutions by getting out of the way.”

The full article can be read here.