3 thoughts on “Lord Adonis is wrong about the direction of BBC bias. But he is right to raise the issue”

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    Soundly argued. Adonis may be so incurably Remain that he interprets any discussion of Brexit (from either perspective) as an attack on EU, but he is right that we should all be alert to the BBC’s dominance of opinion-forming. No free country anywhere else in the world has such a massively dominant monopoly media player. It is beyond economic challenge by competition and too many otherwise liberal thinkers believe It is even beyond criticism.

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    I am personally of the opinion that, in accusing thre BBC of pro Brexit bias, he is deliberately parodying the argument of Brexiteers that the BBC has an anti Brexit bias: If The Mogg is going to accuse the BBC of being closet remainers then Adonis will make the contra assertion.

    I see no other way of explaining what he is doing. He just can’t be serious. Watch any interview with a brexit spokeman and he/she is given a hard grilling, every point made being stripped back to its fundamental assumptions. And yet when a Remoaner is interviewed the treatment is a lot lighter and far less rigorous.

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    Lord Adonis is obsessive about Brexit. I was in a panel discussion with him the other week about Vice-Chancellors’ pay but he managed to turn it round to Brexit. He is convinced that anybody who disagrees with his position is stupid, and that he and his colleagues in the HoL are perfectly entitled to stop this country making a colossal error – the worst mistake, as he says, of his lifetime.

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