3 thoughts on “Have Karl Marx’s ideas been ‘distorted’ by socialist regimes?”

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    Spot on Kristian, so let’s hope we don’t see any articles here in future bemoaning that Brexit was a wonderful idea, if only the government hadn’t bungled it.

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    JON (04/05/2018 at 08:30), the government is sure to ‘bungle’ Brexit in the sense of the article – that is, it will not be achieved flawlessly. The only question is: will they make a reasonably honest attempt (in which case, the outcome is the real-world Brexit we voted for), or will they dishonestly ‘bungle’ it in the sense of not really doing it, since democracy is all very well but surely it can’t mean the elite having to do what the common people say.

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    Marx claimed that the dictatorship of the proletariat would lead to the withering away of the state and a classless society as part of some mysterious dialectical process.If what happened in the Soviet Union isn’t a repudiation of his theories then I don’t know what is

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