3 thoughts on “France gives us an idea of what a fully renationalised railway sector would look like”

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    Dear Len,

    I liked you article Re Rail nationalisation. Today’s voter need a refresher lesson on how poor British rail’s service was, expensive and absorbed huge subsidies. One point you didn’t mention is the success of the current rail system. With rail travel at record levels, is this is symptom of the efficiency of service under privatisation?
    Or maybe rail travel globally is at peak levels e.g. in France also?
    Best regards

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    Dear Mike, the “success” as ypindesvrine it has involved continues support to private companies who failed to meet basic service needs. This leasing to franchises being removed and walked away from by those british private organisations. And now in 2019 a consortium involving the Italian STATE railway has taken over a privaten franchise alongside a number run by the Dutch STATE railway. So british trains are running well using skills from NATIONALISED rail companies. So profits from the failed tory dogma of privatisation are now going to improve the NATIONALISED networks in Holland and Italy. Daft.
    And now today the HS2 as its costs doubles has spent 7billion is to be reviewed. Meanwhile from the first TGV track in 1983 from Paris Lyon ( 50% longer than HS2 phase 1 ) , France now has 12 high speed lines, 1 in construction and 5 planned. Thatcher privatisation condemned Britain’s rail networks to disjointed planning, competitive under cutting of services and long term thinking.

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