Madeline Grant writes for The Telegraph

Madeline Grant, Editorial Manager at the Institute of Economic Affairs has written for The Telegraph on the death of the car and how public policy has brought it about. Instead of playing Mystic Meg with public funds, the Government should promote smaller-scale, less risky investments, and, crucially, begin planning for the vehicle revolution and the ... Continue reading

Jamie Whyte appears on BBC Newsnight

Jamie Whyte, Research Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs has appeared on BBC Newsnight to discuss Uber's licence. In the interview Jamie argues that the taxi industry has been regulated to prevent new entrants from coming into the market. Uber's model circumvents those regulations, which is great news for consumers. Watch the full interview ... Continue reading

Richard Wellings appears on the Daily Politics

Dr Richard Wellings appeared on BBC's Daily Politics Programme to discuss problems with the rail network over the past few weeks. Richard explained that northern rail services are hugely subsidised by the taxpayer and often cost more than they benefit the wider economy. It is important to take care of taxpayers money. He also explained ... Continue reading

Dr Richard Wellings appears on BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine Show

Richard Wellings, Head of Transport at the Institute of Economic Affairs has appeared on BBC Radio 2's The Jeremy Vine Show to discuss rail renationalisation. In the interview Richard argues that Lord Adonis's plan is potentially flawed because you wouldn't have a fair bidding process when one of the bidders is government owned. The whole ... Continue reading
Many of the 60% of the electorate who favour rail nationalisation may have forgotten, or never known, the depressing days of British Railways. But that past is another country: let it go. Right now in another country across the channel we can see just what renationalisation is likely to entail. Much of the French railway ... Continue reading
As the political calculations get trickier, the relentless campaign for a third runway by Heathrow’s PR machine has increased in intensity and inadvertently raised competition concerns. Following the work of the Airports Commission, the Government announced in the autumn of 2016 that its preferred scheme for an additional runway in the south-east of the UK ... Continue reading
Will regional airports in the UK gain in the future from an enlarged Heathrow and, if so, by how much? More UK cities might be linked directly into the Heathrow network and existing domestic services will get more frequencies (although how many more depends, amongst other things, upon future levels of airport charge and whether ... Continue reading

IEA report features in The Sunday Telegraph

The IEA's report on traffic lights and road congestion has featured in The Telegraph. The report found that coinciding with a rise in congestion, there were 25 per cent more of them in 2014 than in 200, while vehicle traffic rose just 5 per cent. Read the full article here. (££) Further IEA Reading: Moving ... Continue reading
Last year, Transport for London (TfL) revoked Uber’s license to operate in London – a decision that Uber is appealing. This was exactly the wrong response to the disruption of taxi markets caused by smartphone-enabled ride hiring platforms, such as Uber. Instead, TfL should recognise that this new technology calls into question the need for ... Continue reading