1 thought on “Everything the left thinks it knows about inequality is wrong”

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    Great post to an evergreen. Lefties do dote on envy. Why else would they try to rip the reach instead of “empower” the poor? Anyway, I would like to add one point that seems to me to be the basic problem: redistribution.

    All these leftist dreams and some of the Tories’ dreams of buying votes rest on redistribution on the all-knowing, just and impartial state who knows best from whom to take and whom to give. The state FA Hayek put to rest in his Road to Serfdom. But it’s not dead. Fact is, it’s blooming. At the moment we experience resurrection No. 4 or 5. Again, lefties declare themselves to be the reincarnation of all that is good and knowledgeable and again some – most of them younger – people “click the bait”.

    We should get rid of redistribution in all its different shades and colours and of all those who live off redistribution as well.

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