1 thought on “Economic freedom and economic harmony”

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    The role of the State is to uphold property rights, as they are the foundation upon which we build peaceful and prosperous societies.

    As God or nature supplied the Earth and the resources it contains for free, then it is just that we share the value derived from them equally.

    The elephant in the room is that they are not equally shared, and to the extent they are shared at all is by taxing private property i.e income and capital.

    Its hardly surprising that such an abrogation of property rights is the root cause of all our social and economic dysfunction. Making Socialism and a large State apparatus inevitable.

    What is surprising is how so many “libertarians” or theists choose not discuss the issue.

    Using land rents as public revenue is as hardcore as Capitalism gets. I strongly suspect that those on the Right dislike Capitalism as much as those on the Left. Perhaps more so.

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