2 thoughts on “BBC study illustrates the pitfalls of ethnic pay gap reporting”

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    From the BBC article-

    “When Meenakshi Sarkar landed a job as a teaching fellow at Leeds University after a successful career in business in India”

    Some Googling brings up her profile, her last job in India 013–2014: Director Learning & Development, Earth Infrastructure Ltd, New Delhi, some more Googling and we find that Earth Infrastructure Ltd is a complete fraud, here are just a few examples –

    Court dismisses bail pleas of 3 directors of real estate group Earth Infrastructure

    Earth Infrastructures – Investor Alert ( regarding it being a fraud )

    Earth Infrastructure Employees Are Fraud — EARTH INFRASTRUCTURE EMPLOYEES ARE FRAUD

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    Right on the money; although I would say that they were not careful in their conclusion “The new data suggests that ethnic minority academics are less likely than white men or women to be promoted to better paid, senior positions.”

    In epidemiology if one was trying to make an analysis of this type we would try to control for all the possible confounding variables (experience, role, citizenship, etc.), and to see if we’d done enough we have a technique for checking whether biases remain: negative controls. Don’t just look at a breakdown by the target of your analysis (black vs white), but also look at data on a non-target thought not to be affected by the same mechanism (racial bias): such as in this case, perhaps white non-British vs white British. If the analysis suggests discrimination against white non-British then maybe you’re just seeing a dominant effect from the factors other than racial bias

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