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    Comparing poverty of the greater, or less capitalist nations is just stupid. What you fail to mention is the cost of living in each country, and the effects that the difference in income within the same nation has on its population.

    Your article glorifies individualism, and the right for each individual to pursue wealth beyond their wildest dreams, without pointing out the imbalance of wealth and the power imbalance, or bargaining power in which that scenario creates.

    Your neoliberal dribble which seeks only to enrich the lives of those who already have capital, despises the idea of sharing resources and the spirit of community.

    You seek to maintain the power imbalance that exists, and that has done for hundreds of years, through the use of having capital – for those that are lucky enough.

    Here’s a societal idea that will scare the hell out of those who have capital, the ones who’s position such articles wish to maintain- every able bodied man and women should be equally rewarded with pay, for equally contributing to the work of society. No wealthy folks excuse of success, or entrepreneurship, just pure and simple equality.

    Success, entrepreneurship, well educated. These are the common excuses of the wealthy, and the few who were lucky enough to get through the gap. When in reality, if the lowest paid folks, the street sweepers, the NHS staff, the fruit picker and the shelf stackers all dropped their tools and left those wealthy folks to do the job instead, would those with capital then have the time to earn all their wealth? Exactly, no they wouldn’t have time. It’s the rest of society who carries them, allowing those wealthy folks the time to do what they do to earn their wealth, and not the other way around.

    Capitalism is a divisive economic system where those that have inherited wealth, or were the minority of society that became very lucky, they begin to make flawed excuses as to why they are wealth and everyone else not. They start pointing fingers at those less fortunate, telling them to work harder, or that they should have tried harder at school. We know that these are all lies, but that doesn’t matter, as long as the masses of poor believe such nonsense, that’s all that seems to matter.

    The state should be in control of it, and its peoples destiny at all times. Not the destiny created by those who’s financial might allows them to shape it. Society shapes our world, not those who can afford to!

    Institute of Economic Affairs – Neoliberal cheerleaders, it’s no wonder you celebrate capitalism. You’re part of the global problem, and will soon be dead like the system in which you promote.


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    Capitalism vs Authoritarianism……..

    To the last post.

    Comparing this is not stupid. You are happy if all people are equally miserable just so then everybody can be the same….typical loser mindset.

    Yes! Individualism is what drives economic success you imbecile. Without incentives the wealth you see would not exist. It is like the gold at the end of the rainbow…you can see it but if you try to go and take it all by force (like you would like the state to do) then it will not be there anymore! Idiot!

    It is not “lucky” to have capital (yes this can be the case sometimes, obviously) it is often through diligent hard, intelligent and managed work that people can accumulate it. You hate to admit that. Go and research yourself the amount of individuals that have gone from humble beginnings to a large amount of success. There are 19 million millionaires in the US alone! Eat that!

    You really need to educate yourself on how human nature and the need for incentives actually works and why every communist & heavy handed socialist system has failed or produced incredibly bad outcomes at the least. With massive oppression to go along with it! You think you are smart but you are really not. You are as dumb as they come.

    What you are advocating for is a system of force where the most driven and entrepreneurial are stripped of their wealth and success at the point of a gun or imprisonment. You think this is “fair”? Right OK.

    Freedom and economic freedom are closely tied together. They both are VOLUNTARY. This is the main difference to a free market (which works) and what you describe which is a backed by force government seizure and all that goes with it.

    Every system that has worked this way has always had to use massive authoritarianism to achieve it which makes perfect sense.

    The irony is that you are the problem because you advocate for a system that wants to have total control over individual finances and thus their life. Value is not just how many tins you stack on the shelf or how many hours you sweep the floor! Massive value is generated through organized systems, inventions, technology & innovation. You cannot compare a non skilled job that anybody could do with say a high risk technology entrepreneur that invents a whole new technology with their drive and vision. Just NO.

    Arguably a mixed economy of Capitalism and some form of safety net is what works well and has proven itself the most to work. Things such as free health care at the point of access etc are a good idea but there needs to be balance. There needs to be strong incentives for the driven to create jobs etc. No, not everybody is the same. Equality of outcome is a very evil idea as it relies on theft and ignores laziness, entitlement & poor decision making. You know this.

    All of those things that you list will get you ahead if you actually do them. This is not an excuse or a conspiracy theory, maybe you should try it? Equality of opportunity is there and it is used every day.

    Do not worry freedom is going nowhere! It is authoritarian dinosaurs that are going to go extinct.

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    Wonderful reward for a winner who has success and lifetime poverty sentence to the looser no matter however he works hard. People sell their skills, knowledge for an ample gain and in the end a monster at the top inflates his wealth like a balloon by the mere expropriation and exploitation. All movements which considers it is unfair will try to pierce it. The bubble is going to crash one day and all unfair wealth will be taxed.

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