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    Thank you so much for addressing EU censorship of online political sources. This vital aspect of free speech and open democracy is not getting sufficient media coverage and must be absolutely rejected. The current assaults on freedom of speech and “thought crime” epitomises the worst fears of George Orwell and other future-tellers. Since increasing political censorship in the US came to my attention in August 2018 I have been following its hideous acceleration by Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft and their various offshoots. At that time 800 large and small independent online media outlets who criticised the surveillance state and the military industrial complex were banned from the main social media. Others have had bank accounts removed in the next stage of “un-personing’, reflective of the dark happenings in China resulting from the inhuman “Social Credit Score” system that is being rolled out.

    An insidious next stage of censorship is now underway in the US and coming to the EU, focused on silencing political analysis and opinions that do not support the Democratic party/left wing/deep state agenda, primarily open borders, mass migration and human-induced climate change. Positions which are also being censored are those which challenge US military intervention in other sovereign nations and which question the damage to children from certain vaccines, for which there is, in fact, significant evidence.

    The concept of objective fact checking is in itself a fallacy (data can and is constantly manipulated by government, academics, the media and industry) but the level of bias and lack of credibility of the “fact checkers” being paid by Facebook, Google, Twitter etc to classify ideas and analysis as “not acceptable” is frankly extraordinary. There is no way to constitute a fully objective body to fact check what are interpretations and analysis of data that is virtually never without flaws and that is questionable in itself.

    The primary selected arbiters all have distinct left-wing orientation, how can their opinions be considered objective, and why should any fact checker’s opinion take precedence over free speech?

    The current control of US mainstream media output, most obviously its anti-Trump narrative, derives from the enactment of the Defence Authorization Act and ironically named “Countering Disinformation and Foreign Information & Propaganda” provision which repealed the ban on Government propaganda and enabled Government agencies to spread “news” propaganda. Obama accompanied this with an Executive Order, 24 Dec. 2016, shortly before leaving office, providing over $2 billion of funding to facilitate the CIA and other “defence” agencies’ dissemination of government propaganda.

    The additional motivation for mainstream media to fully engage in the demonization and witch-hunting of independent media outlets is mercenary, driven by their failure to provide what the public seeks in terms of information and analysis and their consequent failure in the battle for ratings, which the independents have been winning.

    We have been in an accelerating information war since the internet (which originated from documented US military plans for surveillance and control) captured its audience and is now planning to disable all opposition to the mainstream media narrative. Having reviewed the various targets of the censorship purge it is clear that the first target was Alex Jones and his company Infowars.com because of the depth and effectiveness of analysis that his operation undertakes and to which the Democrat party attribute much of the 2016 election of Donald Trump. The destruction of InfoWars has been a clear priority of the mainstream and monopoly social media , not because he is a conspiracy theorist etc. but because his continued operation threatens the next Democrat attempt at regaining power. The individual style and delivery of independent media should be entirely a matter of choice by the viewer/listener who can switch off if they do not like what they see or hear. We will enter a new dark age if the insidious EU proposals for controlling “disinformation” are allowed to proceed.

    Tech’s Dark Overlords Keith Spencer
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