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    Selective use of stats Lucozade and Irn Bru data is more than 10 months out of date, but the smug author feels no obligation to update them while ‘picking apart’ the economics of credible research.

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    The anonymous commenter interprets facts from the recent past with ‘out of date’ information. The collapse of AG Barr’s share price following the recipe change was an important and telling incident. It is not as if it has suddenly bounced back. It initially fell from 869p to 623p. As I write this, it is 548p.

    I don’t know what other Lucozade stats are being alluded to. It’s a shame the commenter didn’t provide them.

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    From the above arguments, it is in the interest of the state to encourage the consumption of soda. They will earn more Income in a form of consumption taxes and less pressure on social amenities as a result of obese people dying early.
    Making less demands of the health and social security system…., why do they care then?

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    Public health is full of people who cannot separate their own good intentions from the actual effects of the policies they advocate: they inhabit a moral universe and not an empirical one.

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