6 thoughts on “The case against a Universal Basic Income (UBI)”

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    So you would hold that in a nation like Venezuela, it is better to keep on concentrating the oil revenues in the hand of the government, so as to maintain the redistribution profiteers’ franchise value, instead of sharing it all out to citizens… with a UBI? No way Jose!

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    i think that is a somewhat tenuous conclusion to draw from my analysis.

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    To summarize: people choose to be dependent and UIB will be too expensive. Particularly weak arguments.

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    One of the lamest arguments against UBI I’ve ever heard.

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    Anything so simple that helps ordinary people and shifts the status quo will be hard to bring into realty but it will be worth the fight

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    Blaming the victim of rich household failing to redistribute wealth and keeping him/her into poverty is just pure evil.
    Also argument that “people choose to be dependent” is weak -how about rich living on passive income?
    Should they be not stripped bare of their wealth and forced to work according to your logic?

    Reality is – process od making ans keeping one poor costs money. This is what UBI solves – instead of developing complex system means-testing if poor did not step out od poverty, wchich they DID NOT ORDER, and forcing everyone to pay for the system , even though rich and wealthy sponsor welfare system to HELP the poor getting OUT of poverty.

    So your arguments are like arguments od southern slave owner against slavery, just a “family guy” it seems… They even look like copied straight away from debates on slavery, with just remarks on whipping wife stripped…

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