3 thoughts on “Sugar taxes have never worked anywhere”

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    Just a couple of paradoxes: “From an economist’s perspective, the best tax is the one which causes the least disruption to economic activity. Most people would agree that it is better to tax luxuries rather than essentials, and it is better to tax the rich than the poor.” Actually, least disruption to economic activity almost certainly comes from taxing essentials because it does not change behaviour. Secondly, if the sugar tax does not change behaviour, from an economists point of view, it is an okay tax. So, we should be happy that it is not achieving its objectives – that is a good thing to an economist.

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    Optimal resource allocation comes from the internalisation of costs, not the “least disruption” to people doing what ever they want.

    Its why we need laws, regulations and even Pigouvian Taxes

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    its like anything, the green tax when you fly, currently £10 I wonder does the air become that bit cleaner when I pay this… no it doesn’t it just goes in to the great wasteful government budget to be slushed round and giver over paid civil servants who do sod all more money. thing is with all these taxes and the plethora of stealth taxes that labour brought in during the Blair years, we are no better off in fact we pay more taxes than ever and services are a complete shambles NHS is a complete mess, with doctors who are incompetent as well as nurses, but god forbid you point that out. Teachers that are hopeless honestly as a parent I’m sick of correcting the homework sent home from the maths and science teachers at a high school. I would pay from private but I’m a fair believer that if you do then you shouldn’t pay the tax towards that part of the system that you are not using. every tax system there in the last 30 odd years gets more comical.

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