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Why the policy of food reformulation is hard to stomach

101 Great Liberal Thinkers
SCHOOL OF THOUGHT – 101 Great Liberal Thinkers profiles the lives and ideas of some of the leading thinkers on individual liberty – from ancient times to the present day.

Award-winning author Eamonn Butler outlines key elements of liberal thought and takes a chronological look at those who shaped it across the centuries.

He identifies their common goals – but also highlights their differing views on, for example, the extent of government involvement in our daily lives.

For anyone interested in politics, government, social institutions, capitalism, rights, liberty and morality, SCHOOL OF THOUGHT – 101 Great Liberal Thinkers provides a clear and concise introduction to a set of radical ideas – and the thinkers behind them.

Download the Korean translation here.

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Eamonn Butler is the co-founder and Director of the Adam Smith Institute.