[PODCAST] The Gender Pay Gap reporting measures

The free weekly magazine for women, Stylist magazine, says “…women ask for the legislation. Women talk to their employers. Women do everything they can and, despite it all, the gender pay gap is getting bigger.”

In today’s podcast, IEA Digital Manager Darren Grimes is joined by Kate Andrews, Associate Director at the IEA. In a new IEA briefing, out today, Kate argues that mandated gender pay gap reporting (due on April 4 for companies with 250+ employees) produces misleading and inaccurate statistics.

Kate argues that the harvested data from the reporting measures illustrates how crude figures create a misleading picture, especially for companies that have hired large numbers of female staff into lower paid roles. She also argues that the reporting measures contribute to the narrative that women ‘are paid less than men’ – despite this statement remaining categorically untrue for many women in their respective organisation.

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