The IEA's Economics Fellow Julian Jessop argues for the IEA podcast this week that whilst he welcomes both the Conservative and Labour Party's supportive soundings on targeting business rates as an area in need of reform, he views the whole corporation tax system as increasingly out of date too. Julian views the Conservative Party’s plan to ... Continue reading
The world in which the BBC operates has changed dramatically. Viewers and listeners have unlimited choice and are ruthlessly discerning. So, is it time to scrap the licence fee? Today’s guest, the IEA’s Senior Academic Fellow, Professor Philip Booth, says that we should. Philip argues that the BBC funding model needs to be pulled into ... Continue reading
No other European country has copied the NHS model in half a century. Almost all comparable countries use a mix of funding mechanisms, rather than relying on taxation alone, and most outperform the NHS in health outcomes. UK cancer survival rates lag behind those of comparable countries, A&E delays are increasing, the number of operations being cancelled is dire, staffing rates are in ... Continue reading
GDP, or Gross Domestic Product, a strange statistic in modern political debate. Economists point out that it fails to capture the value of an increasingly digital economy but it remains the measure most politicians and journalists pay attention to. According to GDP, if a mother decides to go out to work as a childminder and ... Continue reading
In this week’s podcast, the IEA’s Digital Manager Darren Grimes is joined by the IEA’s Head of Political Economy Kristian Niemietz and Economics Fellow Julian Jessop. The discussion is centred around the recent decision by Prime Minister Boris Johnson's £1.8bn granted funding for the NHS. Whilst cash injections may help in the short term, Dr Kristian Niemietz argues they will ... Continue reading
 The IEA's Digital Manager Darren Grimes sat down with Professor Thomas Hazlett. Professor Thomas Hazlett's research focuses on public choice and public policy aspects of regulatory measures in the communications sector. The focus of his 2017 book: 'The Political Spectrum: The Tumultuous Liberation of Wireless Technology, from Herbert Hoover to the Smartphone' debunks the traditional view as ... Continue reading
Martin Ågerup is a Danish economist and the current president of the think tank CEPOS. The IEA's Director General Mark Littlewood sat down with Martin to discuss the meme that Denmark is somehow a socialist Valhalla to those on the Left. Martin dismissed the claim that Denmark is somehow proof that socialism is preferable to ... Continue reading
The No Outsiders programme was created in 2014 by Andrew Moffat, the assistant headteacher at Parkfield Community School in Birmingham. The programme aims to teach children about the characteristics protected by the Equality Act - such as sexual orientation and religion. Books used in the programme include stories about a dog that doesn't feel like it fits in, ... Continue reading