2 thoughts on “Why has no other European country copied the NHS model?”

  1. Posted 14/11/2019 at 09:13 | Permalink

    Is the NHS too big and ‘established ‘ to change, even if it is wanted and needed?
    Why wont the British public let go even though they know it doesn’t work?
    A majority government needs to take it on. It will need massive planning. How about ‘test’ areas? Would this work? I was in Croatia where everyone has to pay the first 20%. No one in A&E! (What are their outcomes?).
    . Who has the answers? People with money always get a better service anyway so why don’t we stop worrying about two tier systems? So many questions.

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    Of course the NHS needs improvement, but after years of entrenched underfunding the Service has not had the capacity to explore other avenues of development.
    Its stuck in the model it’s in primarily due to poor funding and lack of clinical and operational development to aspire to a new way of working.
    The NHS needs politicians to stop interfering in its operational structure and to allow the coalition of directors and business associates with excellent track records from across successful businesses and healthcare organisations to come together with innovative solutions towards transforming the NHS.
    Innovation cant come from Whitehall…..that’s why we’re in the pickle we’re in.

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