Should we scrap the ‘hugely inefficient’ corporation tax?

The IEA’s Economics Fellow Julian Jessop argues for the IEA podcast this week that whilst he welcomes both the Conservative and Labour Party’s supportive soundings on targeting business rates as an area in need of reform, he views the whole corporation tax system as increasingly out of date too.

Julian views the Conservative Party’s plan to postpone further cuts to corporation tax as a “mistake”, and indeed the Labour Party’s pledge to reverse the cuts, arguing that both ignore research showing more than half the burden is borne by workers; furthermore Julian says, corporation tax remains an inefficient way to raise government revenue and has a negative impact on both investment and entrepreneurship.

Darren Grimes, Digital Manager at the IEA, asks Julian to take him through his thinking on why he believes both the Labour Party and Conservative proposals on Corporation Tax aren’t right if the aim is to boost both investment and entrepreneurship.

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