1 thought on “The Guardian’s anti-Americanism is both chilling and risks doing real damage to causes where we agree.”

  1. Posted 18/06/2020 at 16:48 | Permalink

    I am an American liberal Democrat and even I find the Guardian to be outrageous at times in their very anti-American rants. My husband is Scottish, voted for independence from England in the referendum and he also thinks they go to far with their ridiculous claims against anything American. If I had a dollar for everytime chlorinated chicken was said in a sentence, I would be a wealthy woman. It’s almost like they relish in the premise that all Americans are really just miserable and thrown on the streets during a health crisis. Should I mention my son was cured of his cancer, quickly, in America, without any health insurance? I know that’s not what the Guardian readers want to hear, but usually negative miserable people hope others are just as miserable as they are, it makes them feel superior, which is something they accuse Americans as being.

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