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    “Grades measure how much relative to those taking the papers at the same time, not objective competence…… An A-level in maths is principally useful…. [but] is not so much a qualification in itself.”
    “Certainly it was not possible to run the same exam system as in normal times. The schools were not fully open and any teacher or pupil with a long commute could not attend.”
    “Certainly the lockdown happened very late and was largely unexpected.“
    Three false assessments:
    1. When A-levels aren’t a qualification but merely a test of your rank in between a year group, so why are A-levels or better GCE regarded as a QUALIFICTION on level 4 of European Qualifications Framework? Potentially one might think that the author is making that statement because EQF is just one of these EU schemes. Just that the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) regulated by Ofqual ALSO puts A-levels on level 4 of its QUALIFICATION framework and explicitly declares A-levels/GCE a QUALIFICATION!
    2.Of course it would have been possible to run the same exam system as in normal times as proven by Germany: Empty schools during lockdown allow small exam groups where social distancing and airing rooms frequently are much easier to organise than it would have been with schools running! Germany did it and there was NO rise in infections.
    3. If lockdown was still „unexpected“ at mid March as the author claims education authorities in the UK are unbelievable naive or showed a typically form of believing in Johnson induced English entitlement such as “Because we are English/British we can take Corona on the chin and no lockdown as in all these weak EU countries is nessesary”. Either or would show a lack of critical thinking that would astound me as a scientist.
    So to summarise it the author pretends to give an unbiased insight in the merits of Ofquals handling of pandemic hit A-level standardisation process while subconsciously or deliberately, I don‘t know, excluding proven facts.

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