4 thoughts on “Nationalisation misallocates capital – for the same reason that slavery misallocates labour”

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    First as ideology, second as clickbait.

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    Jeremy Corbyn’s nationalisation policies are grounded in cold, hard economic sense. Europe proves it

    We do have public ownership in UK rail and energy markets. It’s just that the government ownership is by foreign governments


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    Paul, I agree with much in the article you link to. But if the author answered two of the questions he ends on with a “yes”, he would also agree with me, those questions being:

    “Will the absence of the risk of bankruptcy result in budget indiscipline from public managements? Will public managers be more attuned to the whims of ministers and the interests of employees rather than the needs of customers?”

    He doesn’t answer these questions with a “no”. He doesn’t answer them at all.

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    Except by your own logic Paul we should privatise our healthcare system to better match the Netherlands, or heavily regionalise it like the Scandi countries do. Infact most of the countries don’t just nationalise whole industry but have government owned business in the market

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