2 thoughts on “Minimum Unit Pricing is paternalistic, regressive and seemingly ineffective”

  1. Posted 26/04/2019 at 20:33 | Permalink

    It is easy to criticise any policy designed to improve Health, whether banning smoking adverts or taxing alcohol. Not so easy though to suggest solutions. Alcohol is addictive and sometimes a paternalistic approach is needed for addictive drugs by restricting supply in some way.

    To suggest otherwise from a position of moral principle may make for an interesting philosophical point but does not improve the lives of people blighted by addiction.

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    but Chris’ argument is not based on moral principle, but on looking at the model of the people who support it. We already have paternalistic policy (very heavy taxes) and MUP does not seem to be the kind of paternalistic policy that will have an effect. Of course, increasingly, heavy drinkers are well-off middle class people for whom MUP would have no effect at all.

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