Housing and Planning

Why Britain should have built back housing

Kristian Niemietz writes for 1828

IEA Head of Political Economy Kristian Niemietz has written a five-part alternative history series for 1828 on what would happen if our old Prime Minister, David Cameron, woke up again in Number 10 and decided to completely reform the nation’s housing approach.

Kristian wrote:

“That build-nothing, block-everything attitude, that hyper-NIMBYism – that is exactly what got Britain into this mess.

“NIMBYism isn’t a problem that affects one or two sectors of the British economy. It is the ultimate millstone around the British economy’s neck.

“If you inflate the cost of property, you inflate the cost of everything. Every supermarket, every shop, every pub… – everyone has to pay those inflated prices – especially customers.

“Housing development needs to be turned into something which communities welcome, or at least, something which they are comfortable with.

“The only thing Cameron had to do to make Britain a much better place was to allow people to pile some bricks on top of other bricks.”

Here, you can read parts one, two, three, four and five of Kristian’s take on alternative history.