We compare and rank our education system, we should do the same with healthcare


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Andy Mayer quoted in the Daily Express

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Sam collins quoted in the Daily Express

Dr Kristian Niemietz writes for The Telegraph

In an op-ed for The Telegraph, IEA Head of Political Economy, Dr Kristian Niemietz, discussed his latest research paper ‘Wizards of Oz?‘, which demonstrates how  alternative healthcare models to the NHS can deliver better outcomes for patients and taxpayers.

In the article, Kristian argued: “There are better health systems out there. In my new report, Wizards of Oz?, (published by the Institute of Economic Affairs), I look at one of those in greater detail: the Australian system. We can see the Australian system as one plausible counterfactual for how healthcare in Britain might have evolved if the NHS had never been set up, because up until the point of the founding of the NHS, the two countries were very similar in terms of healthcare. From that point on, they diverged“.

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