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We cannot live in a state of emergency forever



Christopher Snowdon writes for the New Statesman

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Julian Jessop comments for the Daily Express

Emily Carver writes for CapX

Emily Carver, IEA Head of Media, has written for CapX on the government’s decision to axe free Covid tests and end mandatory self-isolation following a positive test.

Emily argues that the time has now come for the UK’s health officials, who described ‘freedom day’ as irresponsible, to accept that it is now time to learn to live with Covid.

“It’s true, as Chris Whitty said in the press conference last night, that there will be new variants, but why do we have to assume they will be more virulent? And even in the case of new variants, should the priority not be to accelerate vaccine updates, rather than continuing restrictions on people’s day-to-day lives.”

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