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Use technology to reduce problem gambling- not ‘paternalistic regulation’


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In the Media

Christopher Snowdon writes in the Telegraph

Christopher Snowdon writes for Conservative Home

Christopher Snowdon, author of the IEA’s latest report on gambling, has penned an op-ed for Conservative Home arguing that a one size fits all approach to gambling regulation is not the solution to reducing problem gambling.

When the government announced it would conduct a review of the Gambling Act in December to make regulations fit for the digital age, anti-gambling activists have pushed for a wish list of paternalistic regulations. They argue for the banning of gambling advertising and sponsorship, VIP schemes and high stake games and the establishment of legal limit on how much gamblers can spend each month.

Snowdon cited his own research paper which suggests that  ‘Big Data’ and technology is the best way to identify problem gamblers and prevent harm. Algorithms can be “used to identify ‘markers of harm’, such as chasing losses, switching between products and playing late at night. These red flags trigger interventions”. Blanket bans which infringe on an individuals right to have fun are not the answer to problem gambling.

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